Monday, March 30, 2009

A not-really-about-knitting post

So, I've been trying out my new camera every chance I get. I STILL haven't been focused enough to really play around with all the settings, but I have been enjoying the details that the camera is able to pick up in everyday objects. I've been taking pictures of everything, including the whole process of making dinner.

Instead of a knitting post, I'm going to digress into a little bit of cooking. It's something I don't do a whole lot of (maybe a couple times a week), but when I do commit to creating a dinner, I enjoy making it. When it comes down to it I'd much rather be knitting, but I can't eat my yarn so I have to branch out into other things when my stomach growls.

I happen to live with a wonderful human who would eat meat for every meal of the day if he could (and sometimes he does). But recently I've been trying to introduce some meatless dishes or less meaty dishes to our palates. Not having access to the best groceries here in SE Alaska, it's sometimes a stretch to bring something healthy and fresh to the dinner table. BUT there's a new produce guy at Fairway Market (I'm talking about you, Dan the Man) who actually cares that the produce he puts out isn't rotting or near rotting. He's pretty dedicated to getting more variety and a better product and we all appreciate him for it.

Anyway, the selection in the produce section is getting better and better as we near summer, so I had to take advantage of some of the offerings.

I decided to make some roasted portabello mushroom sandwiches for dinner the other night.
To start everything off, I drizzled the portobellos in some olive oil, sprinkled with salt, pepper, and garlic, and popped them in the oven at 350 degrees to get them roasting.


Then I started chopping up some vegetables to sautee for a mushroom topper. I started out with some zucchini....sliced thinly....
Then I added some yellow squash, also thinly sliced....
And finally some onions, whatever variety you like to use (I like yellow)....
I sauteed all of that in some olive oil and garlic on medium heat for about ten minutes, or until browned.

After the mushrooms were finished I popped one big meaty mushroom onto a toasted whole wheat roll and topped it with the sauteed vegetables and a little bit of monterey jack cheese. And although it had absolutely no meaty bits, it was a hit with all involved.
But, of course, I can't always be healthy so I made a mini-cake for our dessert. When I make a whole cake for just the two of us, we both end up eating WAY more cake than we need. So, I've taken to making only about 1/3 of the cake mix and baking the cake in my small Pyrex storage container glassware bowls. It can't be stated enough that I LOVE PYREX. And these little bowls make for the cutest layer cakes. Perfect for two!

Erin, if you're reading this, I know that this this NOTHING like the cakes you create at The Cake Kitchen, but cake decorating is not my specialty! It certainly looks like a 4-year-old did it. But it sure tasted good going down!


  1. In my opinion, taste is even more important than looks, however I think your mini layer cake is also adorable! Maybe I should begin experimenting with my different baking dishes...

  2. Found your sight through Erin's. Love your photography and are amazing at knitting. Took a how to class a year or so ago and found you have to have patience...I was terrible but love your work.
    Heather (Knisley) Sikora