Friday, October 2, 2009

Travel knitting

*sigh* I leave on Sunday for three weeks and I should be overwhelmed with packing and the bazillion other things I have to get done before then, but I'm more concerned about sitting here in my knitting chair and surfing Ravelry while making a mental list of all the projects I want to take with me while I travel.

I've been making piles of yarn and setting aside needles and pattern books for projects I want to take with me/start while I'm out. I suppose I'm being a bit overzealous in thinking about what all I want to take. I mean, let's be honest. I'm probably overestimating the amount of time I'm going to have to knit.

The first week of my trip will be spent in Fairbanks for a work conference, so there's not going to be a lot of time there. And the other two weeks of my trip are going to be spent with my family. And, yes, I will happily set all my knitting aside to focus all of my attention on my cute nephew, Jackson.

But, it's those in between times when I'll be sitting in the airports on layovers and the 14 hour drive to Fairbanks on Sunday that I know I will be thankful that I have myriad projects to choose from.

What to take, what to take...of course, I'll be bringing my Maplewing Shawl. Things are moving right along and I'm more optimistic about the finish date. Now that I've gotten in a rhythm, I'm really thinking that it could be done by the end of my trip.

Of course, I'll be taking along my stealth projects I have going on. Got a few deadlines coming up, so I'm hoping to have enough time while I'm out to get those designs finished. If not, I won't be too worried about it, as having family time is way more important to me than any publication.

Well, I think I'll continue to surf Ravelry for the perfect travel knitting projects. Something small enough to fit into my carry-on but interesting enough to keep my attention through multiple flights.

What about you? What do you like to knit while traveling?


  1. You are amazingly talented Allison!!! Have you made anything for little girls? I would love to buy something off of you for my daughter Gracie. I am adding your blog to my favorites :-)
    Holly (Stauffer) Wagoner

  2. Thanks, Holly! I've been concentrating a lot on creating children's patterns. How old is Gracie? I'd love to create something for her. I'll email you on Facebook.