Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And the legs arrive...just in time for my birthday!

Yes, today is my birthday.  I've never particularly cared for my birthday.  I don't hate it, but I don't look forward to it either.  As far back as I can remember, I've always felt this immense pressure to make this day so special and exciting and nothing I could ever do seemed to live up to the hype.  Kind of like New Year's Eve, but much more personal.

I remember on my 5th birthday my mom had this big campfire party for me, complete with a super cool caterpillar cupcake cake that had Twizzlers for legs.  All my friends were there and it was a beautiful evening and I got a big box of pop beads (remember those?!) so it should have been a pretty great night, right?  Well, I got so freaked out that all these people were there for me and I didn't like that the focus of attention was all on me.  Too much pressure!  So I went into the house and cried my little eyes out.  My mom came in and asked me if I was having fun and I point blank told her no.  Even all these years later, I can still see the hurt on my mom's face after she had done all that work to try to make me happy.  (Sorry about that, Mom.  You know I'm your most ungrateful child, don't you?)

So, yeah....me and my birthday have a long and rocky history.  There's not a birthday that goes by that I haven't cried at least once.  I haven't had my cry yet today though.  Looks like I better get the tears worked up soon, because I'm headed to bed. ;)

Anyway, the point of my story (and I think I MIGHT have one), is that my mannequin legs arrived!  I stopped by the post office on my way home and there they were.

I immediately raced home and tore into the package to find the calf-length legs creepily tucked in between some bubble wrap.
I grabbed my camera and my mayflowers sock and went upstairs where the good light is so that I could finally snap some shots of the new sock design.  So excited!

All in all, it's been a decent birthday.  I had dinner with good friends and I got a pair of mannequin legs.  What more could a girl ask for?


  1. happy birthday!

    I am curious: do you have to hold to legs upright or do they stand up by themselves?

  2. Happy belated Birthday!
    I don't like to celebrate mine either...
    I guess I could need a pair of legs like that too. They look so much better than my pale one ;)

  3. Happy Birthday! The legs and the socks are lovely!

  4. Oh! Don't cry! I don't like the "all eyes on me" thing on my birthday, either. I've ever really had a big party. Just family mostly, maybe a few friends.

    I've been meaning to tell you that those socks are most divine!

    Have a great day!

  5. Lovely socks and I've always secretly wanted a wig head myself....never even thought of mannequin legs! You must be loved!

  6. Great socks, great legs! Maybe this will be the year you don't cry, because of the fun birthday gift.

  7. Happy birthday! Love the legs- I'd trade in mine for a mannequin legs anyday!

  8. She's got leeeegggsss...she knows how to use them... LOL!!!

    I love the socks!!!

    My sixth birthday was a lot like your fifth. We were getting ready to move to a new neighborhood, so my mother had a HUGE birthday party for me with all the friends I would be leaving. It was chaos, totally overwhelming for little introverted me.

    Hope your day ended tearless and happy - after all, birthdays are for celebrating the fact that you're gracing this good planet with your presence...not that you've "made it another year". :-)

  9. Awesome legs! I understand your feelings about birthdays. I have a bit of that on all holidays. I spend so much energy on making sure everything is perfect but always second-guess myself and then, in the end, feel let down. But it's always nice to have good wishes on your birthday....

  10. LOL Happy Birthday!!!

  11. yay for legs! the sock looks great!

    i can relate to how you feel about birthdays--i've gotten bummed out or cried for every birthday since i was a teen. until last year--my 35th birthday felt like just another day, but a pleasant day with cake and people wishing me happiness. i didn't do much that was special, and was actually alone for most of the day. but it was okay, somehow. i hope that continues for my birthdays. because usually they suck and i get sad.

    hope your birthday turned out surprisingly good, despite all those expectations and weirdness that come around birthdays.

  12. Beautiful sock, and somehow that leg makes me think of the leg lamp in A Christmas Story...

  13. "...what more could a girl ask for?"

    arms? :)

    love those socks! happy birthday!

  14. great socks! great legs! Happy birthday. (coupla days late - it's a birthday MONTH!)

  15. Love the socks. Sounds like a perfect birthday to me!

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! If you feel like crying, just knit more. Thanks for the shout out! You know I love the pattern.

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  18. Happy belated birthday!!
    ...kind of a ghoulish-looking birthday surprise, but so, so useful!!
    I'm glad to hear that you managed to get through the day without tears. Save the crying 'till you're middle-aged, like me!! Giggle.

  19. Greetings! Great legs! It is fun to find a fellow knitter and blogger who lives in Alaska. Also, I wanted to let you know that a few of your knitting blog links no longer work--clarebelleknits and clarabelle. We're having wonderful weather in Anchorage... I'll stop bye here again.

  20. Hello :)
    I LOVE the socks :)
    and happy happy birthday :)
    Breiting from
    Elisabeth from Denmark