Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random thoughts on a blustery morning...

I'm really really having trouble concentrating at work this week...like, really.  It would be easier if I wasn't doing something so fantastically boring. (No, data entry is not what I'd call a good time.) 

I think my lack of concentration can be blamed on a combination of things: 

1. It's a 4-day weekend coming up and I can't wait to knit my way through it. I have a to-do list a mile long, but knitting takes precedence over all on a long weekend. (And, no, that's not really any different from a regular weekend.)

2. There is no one in the office right now. Everyone is either gone on vacation or working remotely. We have a year-round staff of about 17 and there are only 5 of us in the building right now. It's too damn quiet! I miss my boss singing Chaka Khan in the hallways.

3. I'm a week and a half away from leaving for a month: work conference in Vegas, visit with a dear old friend in Montana, and then Christmas in Ohio.  Too much travel excitement to think straight!

4. I have three secret knitting projects I'm working on for upcoming projects and they all have the same deadline that is swiftly approaching...yikes. I can't rest until they are blocked and on their way!

5. Thanksgiving Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year. No lie. I've always loved the anticipation of a holiday more than the holiday itself. And apparently, because I'm so looking forward to Wednesday night, the time between now and then will move at the speed of slugs.

6. And as if being stuck in my office wasn't torture enough this week, we've been plunged into a deep freeze and it's super blustery, snowy, and so damn cold that I don't want to leave the couch, let alone the house.  Perfect knitting weather but, then again, what isn't

I've been trying super hard to combat this sudden onset of ADD, but I've come to realize that I'm defenseless. Today I remembered that I had a bag of yarn in my office that I had not taken home yet from my trip to Juneau in early October...so I proceeded to take each and every skein out of the bag and admire/pet/drool over each one.  So much yarny goodness!  
Don't mind me....I'm just doing all I can to avoid doing actual work.
Thankfully, my days have been repeatedly brightened this week (and every week) by frequent texts from my sister. She knows if she doesn't send me pics/videos of my nieces and nephew daily that I will bug the shit out of her until she does. I've got her trained pretty well. ;) Some days my sanity is literally saved by these little nuggets of cuteness.

This is one of the gems that came in yesterday. Seriously. I can't handle the cuteness some days.

She really knows how to get me through my day. How can you not smile at that?! Consider my sanity preserved...at least for today.


  1. Pretty yarn and a very cute pic of your nephew!

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