Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's the new year...a few days late.

I feel like my new year started today. Yes, I realize it's the 11th day of the year. But I've been working on secret deadline knitting for over two months now (three separate projects) and I carried one particularly intense and stressful deadline into the new year with me. But I sent it off to its destination yesterday morning and I awoke this morning finally letting out a sigh of relief that was a long time coming.

It's a funny predicament I find myself in. I'm incredibly grateful that my work has been accepted to well-known and well-liked publications. It's very exciting to me that someone wants to publish my designs. But with it comes a lot of inner obsessive perfectionist comes out with a vengeance and I put everything else in my life aside and put all my focus on the design.  Couple this with a stressful and time-consuming day job and you've got a recipe for a burned out, bitchy, unfocused, and downright cranky knitter. That was me most of November, all of December and most definitely the first few days of January.

So, my goal for the new year is balance. Balance in knitting, balance in work, and balance in life. How about you?


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