Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mayflowers Sock

Okay, so I've finally gotten my act together and finalized the pattern for Mayflowers, my sock design entry in the Socks Revived Design Contest.

(Ravelry link to purchase)

The idea of cables breaking out of their routine and blossoming into flowers has been in my mind for awhile now.  And I'm so grateful for the process of moving the concept from my mind to the page to a living and breathing creation.  It was truly challenging but, in the end, it turned out way better than I ever could have expected.

Here are some more shots of the work...makes you want to grab your size 1's and get to knitting, doesn't it?  Such a cozy sock knit in the Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine...the Pea Soup Mix is to die for!  Such lovely shades of green wrapped up in a single skein.

I hope you'll love knitting Mayflowers as much as I've enjoyed creating it!


  1. Gorgeous! The cabling is awesome!

  2. I love these socks, and I hope you win!!

  3. Your Mayflower socks are GORGEOUS! I've yet to tackle socks (more of a sweater knitter), but when I do, these will be near the top of my list!

  4. those legs look so real,it's slightly creepy. The socks look real good too!

  5. This is a gorgeous sock! I love it.

  6. I like your socks! They are so original. The cables blooming in to flowers are just beautiful.

  7. Oh wow those socks are gorgeous I hope you win.

  8. OH.MY...
    So very, very lovely and amazing in so many ways, I can't wait to knit them and am going to buy the pattern RIGHT.NOW!

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